Sunday, February 28, 2010

Bowled Over by the World

Ray and I have logged a lot of television viewing time watching the 2010 Olympics from Vancouver, Canada and we've loved every minute. We root for everyone. Yes, Bode Miller and Lindsay Vonn are exciting US stars as well as Steve Holcomb and the Bobsled crew. (I love Italian slalom skiers, Swedish curlers, and Austrian whatever). But let's cheer the Canadian Hockey team - wow - overtime win just a teensy bit ago. The Canadian ice dancing team were fabulous. And the Canadian skater who's mother passed - damn, she took to the ice and skated like the champion she was.

(Plus note, Ray did his best to get me the way cool Olympic mittens with the maple leaf)

But, this weekend Ray and I had to get off our butts and do something active. Did you know the International Bowling Museum and Hall of Fame moved to Arlington from St.Louis, MO? Well, it did and it's got a beautiful facility in the shadow of Six Flags Arlington and Jerry World (i.e. Cowboy Stadium). What does this have to do with writing? - sorta nothing, but it was zany fun.

It was a gorgeous day with clear blue skies and we weren't shoveling snow like my poor father in PA. He'd better get rid of that stuff by Easter when I go visit.

The musuem had a small bowling interactive lane. Ray hit his stride and scored well. I threw gutter balls until a man said I could put up gutter guards. Well, yea!!!! Once I could bowl like any five year-old, I was throwing strikes, baby! Bowling has a lot of history - from Egypt thru Europe and on into the heyday of New York elite. I learned a few things - like support this nifty wacky museum.

Lots of history and throwback to corny. Where else can you wear bad shoes and drink beer??

From Olympics to bowling and beer to a book signing. This post has it all - told you we'd cover the world. Rebecca Balcarcel just published her book of poetry Palabras in Each Fist, a stunning new poetry collection by a talented voice. Rebecca (r), a daughter of a Guatemalan father and an Iowan mother straddles the English language with love.
I'm constantly in awe of the talent in this world. Ignore the "bad" news and support the joy of skill, whether it's sports or writing.

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