Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Cupid's LIning Up His Arrow

I'm a sucker for M&M candies. Pick the seasonal color and I've got the holiday bowl to hold 'em. Pink and white - yep, it must be February and Valentine's week. Well, I've been munching on them for a few weeks now. No, they don't fit into the diet plan set on New Year's Day, but I have avoided Girl Scout cookies. M&M's truly don't melt in the hand, so they are perfect as a treat while reading or writing.
Enjoyed a Wall Street Journal article (2/9/10 p. D1) on Happy Couples Kiss and Tell. How do former President Jimmy Carter and Rosalyn maintain their perfect union? "Separate projects, and, well, don't ever write a book with your husband," she said. Point taken - sorry Ray.

In general, the advice for making a marriage last comes down to common sense: 1. Find the middle ground - compromises. 2. Be funny - humor and laughs together. 3. Keep (some) secrets. One woman said she has her own bank account. 4. Never, ever give up. Oh there's some days ... when ... but you've got to keep talking and work it out. 5. Stay alive. They asked a couple who'd been married 70 years what's the secret. The wife said, "Eh, neither of us died."

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  1. I always heard it's important to keep the mad money, referencing the separate bank account suggestions. Use it when necessary but never, never stay mad.