Thursday, February 18, 2010

DFL = Rejections

Canadian historian, Jonathan Crowe, started a blog called DFL for "Dead Freaking Last" and he highlighted stories of last place Olympic finishers. "Triumph is sexy, but participation is brave," he said. So far the countries with the most losing medals, i.e. bottom three finishes in events, are Czech Republic, Canada, and Poland. (Wall Street Journal, 2/17/10)
Indeed, DFL is worthy. At least, the person tried (and if you are in the Olympics, after all, you're still better than the majority of the world). It's like sending out material and getting rejected. You threw yourself out there and maybe next time will achieve the perfect landing.
I realize these pictures have no bearing on this post, but I can't let my blizzard pics languish. Winter theme prevails in February.

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  1. How easy it is, when reading a rejection letter, to forget the triumph in the effort, the joy of the process. I like the idea of the DFL blog -- perhaps we should start one for writers, eh??

    I'm also glad someone else is still putting up snow photos. Nice...