Saturday, February 20, 2010

I Did Not Ride a Horse

Thursday was a glorious day to drive to Cleburne. I'd been snowed out twice and finally landed a gorgeous afternoon to check out Wings of Hope and a Therapeutic Horseback Riding Group. I volunteer for the Multiple Sclerosis Society, and as an Ambassador I was there to chat up the MS Walks in Addison and Ft.Worth on Saturday March 27th.

Talk about really cool people. I was there over an hour and welcomed generously. The folks with MS were eager to get on "their" horses - Freckles, Chief, Rodger, etc. Unfortunately, Big Red was in timeout after a rough morning and was not available to ride. Friends who know me and my husband, Ray, are laughing right now because that would have been my horse. I have chronicled some riding disasters and am always destined for trouble.

Nonetheless I got to see people who struggle with walking become free on their horse. Exercise, posture, and even some yoga were part of the program. I can't emphasize enough the kindness and care taken by the Wings of Hope staff. Super nice and attentive - these people are sharing and working hard to help and encourage others.

I learned a lot, enjoyed meeting, and chatting with everyone and came away enthused. There's a lot of hope in this world, and it can be achieved on a horse.

check out the website for pictures and information. (I did not take pictures due to privacy and respect issues)

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