Sunday, May 15, 2011

Spring Fever

New chaise lounge. Can't be indoors. Must slather on sunscreen, grab all reading material and head outdoors. This is after mowing the yard, weed wacking, and then wiping window sills, windexing windows, and ALL other spring cleaning. There's always a weed to pull. If I wrote a word for every weed, I might be ahead of the publishing game.

Ray assembled his new grill. High potential for summer eating. Brats, hotdogs, hamburgers, and (if on sale) steaks. Gotta love shiny, new pretty implements.

Spring is the period

Express from God

Emily Dickinson

Glass of cheap zinfadel. Magazines - WSJ and Time. Book - Ape House by Sara Gruen

Tunes playing - Adele 21 - Rolling in the Deep

Jennifer Hudson - I Remember Me

Hanson - Shout It Out

The world's favorite season is the Spring. All things seem possible in May - Edwin Way Teale

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  1. Looking good. Can't wait to spend some relaxing time around the pool. My kids are driving to Frisco for In N Out - they couldn't wait.