Friday, May 6, 2011

Tiger Mom : Book Review

I think it's appropriate on Mother's Day Weekend to discuss Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother by Amy Chua. I got a huge kick out of this book and laughed out loud at various parts. Truly, I admire Ms. Chua for writing it, and I hope that her daughters, Sophia and Lulu, write their version.

Ms.Chua, very successful as a lawyer/Yale teacher/writer in her own right and her husband, a successful Yale professor, choose to raise their daughters the "Chinese way." This means total immersion in academics and strict studies in music (piano or violin only). No sleepovers, no playdates, no tv or computer games, and no grade less than an A.

Does that sound ridiculous??

Well, it works well for Sophia, the first born. This young lady is malleable from the start and obviously very talented, skilled, and willing to subject herself to her mother's requirements, tasks, practice sessions, etc. The results are worth the effort. The kid's playing piano at Carnegie Hall, for God's sake.

Then there's Lulu. From the womb, this young lady is in combat. It's hilarious (to me) to read the battles won (by Lulu) and lost (by Ms.Chua).

There truly is a lesson learned from this book about individualism.

I had read review of this book and discussions about "the horror, the horror". I personally did not read that into this book at all. I had the feeling that Ms.Chua had to concede that "Her Way" wasn't the total "Way".

Indeed, Lulu proves to have a mind and will of her own. The child is successful in her own right. She's smart, talented at violin, and ultimately at OMG.

I highly recommend this book and frankly admire Ms.Chua for her methods and madness. I truly found her standing back and watching herself and laughing. She believed and believes that her way was the right way. However, she encountered The Lulu, and maybe, there's some other paths to success.

All, I know is I wish the best to all mothers trying to raise children in this day and age.

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