Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Weatherford Workshop - Books 'N Jazz

Stupendous Saturday in Weatherford at the college sponsored Books 'N Authors 'N All That Jazz workshop. A plethora of class choices, meet 'n greets with authors, and words - the glory of words, writing, and publishing.

I started my day with Laurie Moore's Snappy Dialogue class. She's a hoot and I enjoyed her insight on keeping your plot moving along with valuable conversation. Her mysteries don't lag, and the chat is never dull. www.lauriemooremysteries.com

Jazz was the theme of the day and Jazzing Up Characters starred Helen Ginger and Sylvia Dickey Smith. The two tag teamed about digging deeper into your characters, and giving the reader a reason to read your book. Sparkling insights and humor highlighted this class

After lunch, a panel discussion turned into a business discussion - self publishing versus traditional, plus marketing via twitter, website, social networking, and an array of circus like promotions. The author give and take was lively, informative, and energetic. The key is to write a great book, then promote the heck out of it, and believe in it and yourself. Thanks to Dave Lieber www.yankeecowboy.com, Mike Kearby, Helen Ginger, Sylvia Dickey Smith, and Laurie Moore.

My final session of the day concerned children's literature. Rickey Pittman www.rickeypittman.com regaled us with poems and excerpts from his childrens' historical picture books. A prolific author, Pittman enthusiastically believes in children literature and the magic of reading aloud to kids. He shared marketing tips and his love of writing.

After the workshop, friends gathered to discuss the day, and agreed that Weatherford College put on an enlightening show and all that Jazz.

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