Sunday, February 10, 2013

Library Mardi Gras

Saturday evening - Mardi Gras Casino Night at the Bedford Public Library. This successful fundraiser, sponsored by the Friends of the Bedford Library, was a hoot. Over two hundred people contributed money to a good cause, and in return, had a rollicking party time.

BBQ dinner and wine in the large conference room. Then gambling in the hallowed library itself. Blackjack, craps, and roulette, plus Texas Hold 'Em poker kept folks entertained and vying for prizes. Now I blew my chips within an hour. Ray managed to win $20,000 (fake), but wasn't close to prize status. Over $100,000 earned the television, Samsung tablet, and more.

You could purchase extra chips, and also tickets for wine, beer, and soda. All funds went toward the library.

Roars of laughter, alcohol, and gambling in a public library. Hey - it got people in the doors after hours.

Hopefully, they'll be back again to checkout books and read - but at that time.........ssshhh! Use your library voice, and no food or drink allowed.


  1. What a lovely idea. The new library is putting on some great events these days.

  2. It's wonderful when people get together for a common cause. I wish I could have been there. I could use some fun and laughter in my life about now. The icy conditions outside prevent me from taking my daily walk.