Saturday, February 2, 2013

February 2, 2013

Six-Week Countdown

heater groans

wallow in winter remnants

pilled sweatshirts

sinus sniffles



mythic groundhog

Actually - this poem is a myth. Today in Texas it was sunny and fairly warm. I wore my Ugg boots just theory it's "winter".  I do have sniffles but it's due to early allergies. The mountain cedar has gone berserk and there's far too much junk in the air. I've avoided flu and did have the flu shot, so I anticipate being healthy. However, I grew up in PA and we (when students) revered the official pronouncement - six more weeks of winter - it incited groans and yet the hope for more snow days. Now, as an adult, I do not want ice days in Texas. 

We'll see what happens, but February somehow is the turning point. It gets a tad lighter each morning as we head to work and head home. In Texas, we rake a bit in the yard, trim dead branches, and think about pansies or even "When will the daffodils and tulips start budding?" Yes, it will be too early, and yet as we sorta wish our lives away, we do keep looking to tomorrow and tomorrow and the end of winter days.

Cheers! Let's toast winter with a cup of, add some Bailey's?? Sure.


  1. In England, it's ten degrees better than last week. 10oC = 50oF I believe. The wind chill factor reduces the temperature and makes it unpleasant outside. Yet, the roses are shooting, the bulbs are poking through the soil. Spring is coming. Heaven knows why it's so exciting year after year, but it is.

  2. It was warm on my way back from the gym this morning, but I have a feeling that's because I worked out so hard, and my face was glowing bright red! Baileys cocoa sounds lovely :-)

  3. I just hope we don't have an infestation of Texas sized insects (especially the biting ones) this summer due to a warm winter.