Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Valentine Love Week

Looking through my pile of poems, I regret I don't have a ton of love poems. No slobbering, silly, over-the-moon craziness. Maybe I take Ray for granted. (He is nodding right this second).

Alas, I need to write more happy pieces. However, it looks like I write when I'm a moody mess. (Poor Ray). But thanks to love, he seems to put up with me (and vice versa). Thus, I post this wacky poem that does turn in his favor and I think demonstrates those little moments.  That's LOVE.




I pout


legs flop

arms cross

furrow my brow

calculate my concerns

tears well for

show time

why doesn’t he

sense my distress

enter the room

ask, “why so pensive?”

ah, scritch of fake leather

skin, he shifts, grunts

slap of barefeet

on laminate floor

I prepare

jaw clenches


footsteps drift to kitchen

freezer door whooshes

silverware clatters

damn, he found it

my fall-back funk buster

double chunk fudge ice cream

time to make amends

Happy Valentine's Day/Week/Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1 comment:

  1. Ha! It's nice to know you're loved even when you're not perfect!

    Happy Valentine's Day!