Monday, February 4, 2013

Queued Up in February

I contribute What's in Your Queue?  to the Little Paper of San Saba. Here's some of my latest blurbs based on my Netflix views.

Homeland the series - I mentionned this show before and it is superb. Claire Danes (Carrie) is not stable, but she's intense when it comes to seeking terrorists and she's convinced that Brody, a decorated war hero and POW for eight years, is now a turned spy. We watch the stories unfold and worry with her and for her. Damien Lewis is excellent in his role, and Mandy Patinkin, as Saul - Carrie's mentor and friend, sacrifices his marriage for the cause. These are flawed people and the system is flawed, and yet piece by piece, the puzzle is being assembled. Can we win or will the terrorists succeed? Stay tuned.

Ten Years - Even Channing Tatum couldn't save this snoozer. It's ten year reunion time and tons of cliches to watch in this film. The premise is fine, but there's nothing original. Ten years out of high school, folks are hitting their stride in jobs, family, etc. Channing's thinking of popping the question to his girlfriend. But of course, at the reunion he meets his old flame. Will sparks fly? Then there's the guy who was the bully in school. He's still obnoxious, drinks too much, and tries to make amends with his past. Kareoke anyone? Ugh. Then there are the guys who hope to score, who still think they are cool and playing it like they are huge successes. Reality bites and truths are shared. Thumbs down, even with Channing Tatum as the star.

Pitch Perfect - Glee in a college atmosphere and the competition is fierce. This movie is fun and fluff with some great numbers. Anna Kendricks is humorous as a girl who doesn't want to be at the college her dad teaches. She wants to be in LA to make music and create. But she joins a music group and is drawn into the competition and tries to get the group current. Rebel Wilson, as Fat Amy, is a huge talent. Any scene with her is hysterical. You'll root for the girls and want to sing and dance along.

Brave - Another gem from Pixar. The animation is breathtaking in this tale of a Scottish princess who doesn't want a suitor. She wants to ride her horse, shoot arrows, and make her own decisions. However, the queen wants to maintain tradition, and the King is caught in the middle. Mirada, our red-headed lass, is a typical headstrong teen with plenty of angst. There are a lot of laugh out loud lines as she fights with her mother. However, when she runs away and gets a spell from a witch... well lessons are learned as our heroine has to break the spell and make amends with her mother and traditions. This film is suitable for family viewing and will amuse everyone.

I just started watching Netlix's production of House of Cards starring Kevin Spacey. The BBC version was excellent. So far, the American version is full of political intrigue, back-stabbing, and Spacey is appropriately sleazy and conniving.

So, What's in Your Queue??


  1. I think Damien Lewis is lovely - but I've not watched Homeland at all. I probably wouldn't be able to follow the plot with all the sighing I'd be doing :-)

  2. I haven't seen any of these programmes. I'm not a great TV viewer. I seem to enjoy radio more these days. Is it an age thing or maybe it's just that our local TV programming is poor. I think it's the latter.

  3. I haven't seen Brave. I saw some reviews that there was some stuff in there that might not be appropriate for young kids.

    I nominated you for the Cutie Pie blog award. If you'd like it, you can pick it up at my garden blog.