Monday, May 5, 2014

Art Weekend

Saturday, May 3rd I helped with the Sam's Bike MS event. No, I did not ride the 100 mile or so route from Plano to the Texas Motor Speedway. (I'm not crazy).  I did help in the children's area doing arts and crafts - Marbles for MS.

 Basically we had flat boxes with white paper inside it. Kids got to scoop out marbles from six acrylic colors and place them in the box. Then we closed the box and they shook 'em up - backwards, forwards, upside down. Open the box and voila!  original art work - the marbles create swooshy patterns. It's very cool, easy to do, and the kids are delighted. We stayed busy from 1 to 4 pm.

Home to shower, spruce up, and head to the Bath House Cultural Center off White Rock Lake in Dallas for more art.  I had never been there and it was delightful. Lovely sunset with sailboats and downtown Dallas in the distance. Inside, was a special art exhibit created by members of the Asian community. I was there with friends supporting their friend, Sunny Jacquet.
She paints pears. Unique pears that pop off the wall in bright green. Water drops glisten on some. There's a red string involved, and clever titles.
All in all, these artists explore the world in drawings, paintings, textile art, and mixed media. It was an enlightening, inspirational reception.


  1. 100 miles! That is crazy, but an excellent cause. I imagine you're just in training for the next one, yes? :-)

    1. oh you are so funny. Must be those strawberry margarita jello shots!

  2. The Marble Art sounds like a very fun project for kids....or adults for that matter. We all seem to love a creative outlet and losing one's marbles over marble art works. Thanks for the Pear link...very interesting..expecially the one with barbed wire. The Challenge inspired me to get back to some old ART works, and has prompted somewhat of what I'm calling My 80's Art Revival. I need some updating that's for sure.
    Sue at CollectInTexas Gal