Sunday, May 18, 2014

Movie Review Madness: Godzilla

Godzilla has been and will always be cheesy. This 2014 version brings really neat effects, plenty of roaring sound, and a blank canvas of humanity. Do not get attached to the humans. Buildings are crushed, they are killed, and perhaps the folks left should be trampled for bad acting. Don’t get me wrong – I was actually amused by Godzilla and I got my $4.25 worth when he roared flames. I went with low expectations and they were met. I’ve heard outcry about how bad this movie is and I think “Really, you expected more?  It’s Godzilla, for goodness sake.” 

This is a creature fueled by radiation. ‘Nuff said. Bryan Cranston who shall forever be Walter White from Breaking Bad is trying to make the foray back into film. Make better choices, Bryan. He’s okay – he’s the mad scientist who’s been predicting disaster ever since a nuclear plant disaster in Japan killed his wife (a wise Juliette Binoche. She escaped this film early).  Now he’s trying to tell his son and others that “there’s something amiss.” The son has the blankest expression I’ve seen on a young good looking “actor”.  Ken Watanabe, normally decent, acts with his mouth open in dismay.  

The plot is stupid as MUTO creatures that look like alien praying mantis are seeking each other and a nest in San Francisco to raise new mutants. Godzilla’s job is to thwart them in a monster showdown. And David Straithairn as The Admiral keeps saying, “Millions of lives are at stake.”
Godzilla is so bad it’s almost good. Do not spend a fortune to see this movie. Go with low expectations. If you are tired of spring yard work, here’s a chance to sit and laugh. Enjoy the cheese.


  1. Nice to hear they kept the cheesiness factor! ;0)

  2. I love it in films when 'something's amiss' :-) #1 son went to see it on Friday - as a 14 year old boy, he's probably the target audience - the group who go for the action, not the plot!

  3. Oh boy . . . I've been reading mixed reviews. The only constant is the cheesy acting lol

  4. Hi, Joanne,
    Now that's an honest assessment of the movie. Considering the nature of the movie, I wouldn't go expecting much more than a ton of special effects and people dashing about madly. :)