Friday, May 2, 2014

OK - What Did You Miss in April?

It is May, but since I did A to Z Challenge (FUN!) you missed some good April stuff. I went to one of the best places on earth on Good Friday - the Dallas Arboretum. Check out the gloriousness
 Yes, Peacock in flowers.
 New water feature
I love this place.  And what the heck - do you still have a few jelly beans that fell into the couch? Or half of a chocolate bunny left because you ate the ears? Well - it's late but here is my Easter poem for 2014

Easter candy 

signals spring
fluorescent jelly beans
tangy mango surprise
familiar Hershey kisses
wrapped in pastel foils
melt memories of Christmas reds and greens
malted robin egg renewal
herald chirps outside
harsh winter grays fade to
blue sky dappled with marshmallow clouds 

we arise


  1. Lovely poem... and pictures. I especially like the peacock. Last year, the Atlanta Botanical Gardens had an exhibit that featured amazing creations called mosaiculture... things like an earth goddess, a pair of huge hooded cobras, a unicorn, and a whole lot more. If you'd like to see some pics from it, you can click on the tag "mosaiculture" in my side bar.

    Happy weekend!

  2. Joanne, I finally took the few seconds necessary to figure out how to "comment"! Love the pics of the arboretum, especially the peacock showing his colors. Also, the final version of the Easter poem rocks!

    1. thanks, Becky for figuring out the computer tricks. I appreciate your support, and yes you know the evolution of the poem. A group effort.

  3. Love your pictures - especially the one with the water!

  4. So beautiful and amazing the color, flowers and greenery...especially considering the drought. I can't remember ever going there when in Dallas. After seeing your pics, I sure would love to go, but the getting there through Big 'D's traffic is a turnoff. So I'll just enjoy your spectacular pics. Neat chocolate bunnie ears here, tho!
    Sue at CollectInTexas Gal