Tuesday, July 8, 2014

July Junque and Movie Madness: 22 Jump Street

Summer movie junque rocks
22 Jump Street is a copy of 21 Jump Street and that’s okay. Why mess with silly fun? Our favorite screw-up cops, Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum, are together again for college. Posed as students, they are trying to uncover a drug ring. The same shtick works – Jonah  motormouths his way in and out of trouble. Channing becomes the football star and thankfully gets to pump weights and show off his physique. But he’s not just brawn….well, okay yes he is and it works. This duo is funny and they drive their captain, Ice Cube, insane. Throw in Jonah meeting a nice girl who happens to be somebody’s daughter and there are explosions at the college.  

The investigation even goes to Mexico for spring break (yes, more Channing in a tank top) and over the top chase scenes ensue, along with shootouts, and a helicopter on fire. You pretty much get the point of the movie and you will laugh and enjoy being in on the same jokes. The guys are breezy and do seem like pals. The buddy cop bromance fulfills expectations. Stay for the final credits – teasers for future Jump Street installments. Very tongue in cheek.  Buy the tub of popcorn, slurp a large soda, and leap into 22 Jump Street mayhem.


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  1. We were the oldest people in the audience for both installments! My favorite part of 22 Jump Street were the parodies of sequels at the end! I thought that 22 seemed more like a cable TV movie.