Saturday, July 19, 2014

July Junque: Day 19 Reflect on a Fri Night

Friday afternoon led to Friday evening at the Dallas Museum of Art. Here on a balcony overlooking the sculpture garden.  Inside, enjoyed "The Mind's Eye" featuring masterwork drawings. Very nice charcoals, pastels, etc - Degas, Manet, Delacroix, David, Renoir - all the biggies.
Chowed a sandwich in the café, then strolled over to Klyde Warren Park to people watch. Balmy temps for Texas - 80s. That's crazy talk.  Back inside to enjoy a new author talk with Daniel Silva. His book The Heist features the intrepid Gabriel Allon - art restorer and master Israeli spy. Looking forward to a great read.  Came out and the museum was going strong with their Late Night program. Folks were everywhere enjoying art, music, and other entertainment for families. Open until midnight. Yawn - we headed home, but were impressed.

July Junque - stay up late on a Friday night. Things are jumping.


  1. A late night museum? That sounds pretty cool.

    1. both Dallas and Ft.Worth offer these programs. Some free, some not. Often cash bar, but they have entertainment, bands, etc. It does bring in a different crowd - often younger and exposes them to the art world. Based on last night's crowd, I'd say it's brilliant promotion and publicity.

  2. What a fun Friday night. Bash and all! Look forward to the book review. So neat to live that close to the DMA. It's a wonderful museum...been there several times.
    Sue at CollectInTexas Gal

  3. I'm usually falling asleep by nine on a Friday night, but this would keep me awake.