Tuesday, July 15, 2014

July Junque: Day 15 Birthday Greetings

July Junque - can't go wrong with flowers

Happy Birthday Dad!!!

In the morning, the patio does get a bit of shade and the Mexican Petunia blooms. This is a good corner to poke around in and discover something pretty.

My father has painted flowers and always enjoys them. So, here's to you Dad.  July 15 - he's 83 - and darn perky.  I'm a lucky daughter.   In this picture - we froze in early Dec. 2013 in front of the Michener Art Museum.


  1. Happy 83rd birthday to your dad :-)

  2. The petunia is beautiful! I love that color. Happy birthday to your Dad! :)

  3. You ARE a Lucky Daughter! Now I know where you get your ART appreciation and eye of the beholder theory. Happy Birthday to your Dad and many more. I'd like to see his Petunie Paintings.

    1. actually he's painted some forsythia, and also tulips. He's up in PA.

  4. Hope your dad had a nice birthday! Great father and daughter photo!