Wednesday, July 23, 2014

July Junque: Day 23 Scandal

Summer guilty pleasure - Scandal binge watching on Netflix. OMG.

I saw Shonda Rhines and Kerry Washington interviewed on Sundance The Writers' Room - entertaining show hosted by Jim Rash. He discusses television shows with the writers, producers, and often key actors. The process is fascinating. After seeing the Scandal episode, I decided to check out the show. All three seasons are streaming on Netflix.

Well, Ray joined me by chance and we are hooked. Kerry (as Olivia) is phenomenal - she's smart, savvy, and looks fabulous. Tony Goldwyn as President Grant is flawed, but has Olivia Pope fever too.  She is the fixer in Washington, DC. Her worker bee team is unique, and the show delves into past stories so we see how they all came to be. Kate Burton as the First Lady is conniving, power hungry, and is a formidable ally/foe to Olivia. Oh the twists and turns. Oh the power and money.

this is high class tv trash and I have no regrets in watching it. I urge you to get hooked too.

July Junque - I want to work for Shondaland


  1. I don't think I've heard of this. It's great when you find a show to really sink your teeth into, isn't it?

  2. If you like this "high class TV trash," you'll probably like Satisfaction on USA. It's a new nighttime soap that's really heating up. Great review Joanne!