Friday, July 4, 2014

July Junque: Day 4

fizzle, sizzle, and bang.

As a child, school trips into Philly involved Independence Hall. Teeny building, old wooden floors. Every kid with a grimy finger touched the Liberty Bell. Now they've moved it to a pavilion - NO TOUCHING allowed.

I feel fortunate. And I think if we turned off the air conditioning in Congress today, stuffed our lawmakers into woolen coats, and let them drink a pint - perhaps some decisions could be made. Or a good brawl.

That's America.

Happy July 4th!


  1. Nice fizzle sizzle and bang fireworks photo. I'm going to watch them from my easy chair this evening. We are fortunate for sure! Let THEM wear wool, drink and brawl...funny!

  2. It's worth a try because nothing is getting done in congress these days. The opposite of PROgress is CONgress.

  3. HA! I love your turn-off-the-AC-and-stuff-'em-into-wool-coats solution for Congress' inaction. Crank up the furnace, too!