Friday, December 12, 2014

Behind the Scenes - Christmas as discussed at work

Two weeks exactly until Christmas and my guys at work are complaining. It's funny because I'm "one of the guys", thus I get to listen and be amused as they grouse about their significant others. It happens every year. The complaints don't change, and ultimately they have a very nice Christmas.

These guys are generous, but a bit of Scrooge does appear.

Last year, R declared, "I'm putting her on a budget next year. She's going to have to save out of her grocery money or something."  Well, that didn't happen. Thus, this year R says, "She's over budget again. I don't know what she's doing and she claims I'm being a Grinch." 

(There are three kids and a new baby - treats can add up, I'm sure)

As for J.R.  - his wife works outside the home and earns a decent stash of cash. According to him, "I don't know what she does with her money, but she asked me to transfer some to her for Christmas. She's out of control." They have one three year old girl.  "I'm going to put her on a budget."

The B word - budget is invoked and then blows out the window with the north wind.

Aah - Christmas joy.  Are you under control?  Or blowing the budget?

I'm happy to say Ray and I have our house in order - no need to yank on the reindeer reins.


  1. Well under control thank you very much. Set a budget and stick to it I say.

  2. Ha! We're out of control here and loving every minute of it! :D

    It's Christmas after all!

    1. Now that's the spirit, Daisy. I might have to report back Monday. We do have shopping to do this weekend.

  3. LOL on Yanking the Reindeer Reins. Since I am a DIY gift maker, decorator, etc. the budget is a matter of busting the stash and bartering the rest. Now to get it finished and wrapped.

  4. No need to yank on the reindeer reins here, either. Then again, I've hardly DONE any shopping yet...

    Happy weekend!