Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Behind the Scenes for Christmas Prep

 Everyone posts the glamorous side of Christmas on blogs or Facebook. Fantastic decorations and mouthwatering treats.  Well, here's the empty pan hoping to be filled
 Top secret - yes, I cheat and bake the instant cookies. And you know what?  People gobble them down in no time.
 Ray has a new vision for lights.  Here are the outdoor trees in our family room having a test run. You'll be pleased to note that they have remote controls. We can change the show nightly.
 Early Christmas cards are featured on the kitchen counter.  My friend, Linda, made sure I had a "cat with a Christmas sweater" card.
Mini-pecan pies fresh from the oven. I took them to work the next day...all gone!


  1. one sees the hard work involved in making the holidays merry and bright.

  2. Yum, those pecan pies look great! Nothing wrong with instant cookies! I make them sometimes too. No complaints here. :)

  3. LOL...behind the scenes!!! Good idea for a post. I may do that for the take down which involves stuffing the tree in a closet. Wish it had a remote! Neat trees you have there....HiTech, too!

    1. I shall probably have a post Christmas scenes too. We always vow to put lights away neatly and then it's one big ugly ball.