Friday, May 15, 2015

Friday: Workplace Bingo

I've heard that in large companies when people are stuck in meetings, they play a game of buzzword bingo. Score points for hearing "synergy" or "multi-task". 

I work for a very small company. It consists of the owner (gone most of the time) and three other guys (all in their thirties), plus me - the lone female sitting on the opposite side of the room. A huge majority of time, I tune out my co-workers' blather. After eight years, I know what they are going to say on what topic. Am I bored? Yes.

Last Friday, I mentally played BINGO and filled out my sheet as they hit the usual topics:

1. Car parts for projects. One guy has been re-working his rock crawler, the other his VW bus, and the other guy keeps looking at wheels. Long discussion on axles - snore city.

2. Super hero argument. The big quote "What's the point of Daredevil?"  Fifteen minute debate of pros and cons

3. Pause to watch, yet again, a new Star Wars trailer. This is a daily occurrence. I've stopped getting up from my chair.

4. Star Trek references and a reading of some Scottie quotes. That highlighted lunchtime

I had B-I-N-G and then nothing. They veered off on tangents -discussion of weekend activities, a cute kid story.

It was late in the day when I could mentally stamp O and shout BINGO

5. Guns and ammo.  All I can say is "please shoot me now" when they get on this discussion.

Fortunately I completed my last report, gathered mail, and waved goodbye to another week.

How's your workplace bingo? Do you hear the same thing week in and week out? Let me know your key topics - how quickly can you stamp the card in one day?

Have a great weekend everyone.


  1. In the gym, it's...
    1) Lifting heavy will make me bulky (from women)
    2) Why is lifting heavy NOT making me huge? (from men)
    3) I've decided to stop eating carbs/after 6pm/my absolute favourite food so I can lose lots of weight by some important date
    4) I don't need to do leg weights - I walk a lot.
    5) I'm going to do 1000 sit ups to get a six-pack

    But, it's these questions and comments that keep me in a job, so it's not so bad.

    Have a good weekend yourself, Joanne :-)

    1. I just need to go the store to get a six pack. What's all this sit-up jazz?

    2. Yep, Al, that's the tried and tested method :-)

  2. That sounds outstanding! When I was in the Navy, I loathed meetings. This would have been so much fun!

    1. hey - stay retired. Bingo is not a reason to go back to work!

  3. Fortunately, I don't have to deal with any of that. I teach private lessons, or write, which is solitary. It sounds like you have a good way of dealing with the nonsense!

  4. My younger son is a strength and conditioning specialist, and Annalisa sounds like she's been reciting some of his conversations! Joanne, you are smart to make this into a game. It sure beats dozing off at some of these repetitive meetings!


    1. it shall be a story soon. We have to laugh or we'd be crying. Have a good week

  5. The closest experience I've had to Bingo meetings was when I was a teacher. Our Head punctuated everything with err and umm and we used to put money on how many he would use in a meeting and the person with the nearest guess won the kitty! As for your office, you need headphones and some good music!

  6. I'm working from home, so the only one to keep me company is our dog, and he doesn't say much! :D