Thursday, May 14, 2015

What's In Your Queue?

Been awhile since we’ve explored Netflix. Let’s take a look at a few selections
I binged on Orange is the New Black. Initially I wasn’t keen and stepped away. Then after encouragement from my sister and others I revisited the show and was hooked. It’s way more than just ladies in prison. This is a full character exploration, along with scheming, conniving, underground dealings, and more. Lorraine Toussant as V deserves an Emmy award – she was evil.  I am ready for season 3 to start in June.

Also started Season 3 of House of Cards. Oh, if even half of what goes on in this Washington is true, then we are in trouble. Kevin Spacey as Frank Underwood is a gooey slimy snake. His wife Claire, Robin Wright, is a Lady Macbeth. Oh the games. 

Whiplash – Miles Teller is the student. JK Simmons (Oscar winner for this) is the teacher. He’s foul mouthed and brutal, as kids try to achieve perfection in music. Banging those drums until the hands bleed. Excellent movie. 

The November Man – Pierce Brosnan is pulled from retirement to deal with a Russian mess. But there’s more to this spy game. Good action and plenty of intrigue. It’s a cheap James Bond.  

The Maze Runner – kids wake up and are stuck in a world where the maze seems to thrive on killing. What’s on the other side? Strong YA movie with survival themes. But Hunger Games is a better series.  

Life Itself – This is a fascinating documentary about the late Roger Ebert. He gave us the thumbs up on movies and changed the world of movie criticism. This doc explores his life and watches him fight throat cancer. It silenced his voice, but not his heart and love of movies.  

Laggies – Keira Knightly doesn’t want to face grownup decisions.  She hides out with teens (Chloe Grace Moretz) and generally is a joke. I expected better from this film. Don’t waste your time 

Force Majeure – Swedish film with some subtitles. But really good. Family is on a ski vacation when there’s an avalanche. The father basically flees the scene to take care of himself. No one is hurt but it creates a lot of tension as far as family trust and his failure to be The Man.  

Draft Day – Kevin Costner is perfect in this role as the man who has to make the right choice for the draft pick. It’s Moneyball with football – go with the money, go with the reliable, go with the gut, or cave to pressure. You can count on Costner to make the right choice and get the right kid for the job.  

The Equalizer – I was set for a tight movie with lots of action starring Denzel Washington. Instead it was a tad boring.


  1. The Equalizer had more potential.
    I haven't started on the new season of House of Cards yet.

    1. I expect more from Denzel. I binged on House of Cards latest season - oh so good. Robin Wright out does herself, and Kevin oozes smarminess. Enjoy!

  2. I haven't seen any of those, although I bet I'd like them.
    From what people tell me, I would really like House of Cards.
    But, would it be too much of a case where art imitates life too well?

    1. believe me, it's probably best to assume fiction all the way or you wouldn't sleep at night.

  3. I'm so out of touch...I don't have a Clue or a Que. I take that back....I have not missed a single episode of Game of Thrones...and I have read all five books. This season is all HBO far they haven't killed off anyone and Jon Snow still knows nothing!

  4. I LOVE Orange Is The New Black! I even bought the book, but this was a rare instance where the TV show was much better than the book. I also liked the first two seasons of House of Cards, and need to catch up with the third. Joanne, I think you'd also get a kick out of Grace and Frankie with Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin. Oh, and Whiplash was a brilliant movie! Miles Teller also deserved a nomination.


  5. I tried Orange is the New Black and didn't care for it. Maybe I'll have to give it another look.