Monday, November 16, 2015

What to Say?

Heartbreaking horror

When, how, will the madness ever end?

Words fail me. I looked for a quote that seemed appropriate, but dismissed then all as too simple for such complexity.

Somehow, this image - one picture - summed up thousands of words and fears for me.


  1. It is beyond my understanding as well.

  2. Hi Joanne - I normally can't write after this sort of atrocity .. but I had something extra I could add to Remembrance for all those souls lost in War ...

    It is beyond my comprehension ... I just feel for the families and loved ones left behind ... Hilary

  3. to Daisy, Alex, Mike, Robyn, and Hilary - thanks for the comments. I think we are all at a loss

  4. It is very frightening. I fear for what will follow. How can it all ever come to a satisfactory end?

    1. every time I wonder how people could do this to other people, it seems to escalate. Something has to get under control one of these days