Sunday, August 7, 2016

Movie Review Madness - Star Trek Beyond

Star date 2016 – another successful mission logged for The Enterprise. Go see Star Trek Beyond.  This franchise stays a winner thanks to director Justin Lin’s filmmaking style. Captain Kirk (Chris Pine – slowly maturing into a worthy leader), Dr. Spock (Zachary Quinto – worthy sidekick), Bones (Karl Urban – grouchy in a good way), Ulurhu (Zoe Saldana), Checkov (sadly, the late Anton Yelchin), Sulu (John Cho), and trusty engineer of anything Scotty ( Simon Pegg) round out a cast we care about. Especially when Irdris Elba as Krall is lurking beyond……..beyond the nebula into vaster, deeper space.

Before they leave on their mission, we see Kirk chat with his boss – is he contemplating a desk job? Spock chats with fellow Vulcans and learns of a loss (all hail the late Leonard Nimoy – this is a good tribute). Thus, is he contemplating another life? Well, leave that behind as The Enterprise heads back on a mission beyond the nebula to find another space crew and help a lost commander. But is she good or evil with an ulterior motive? Oh no!!!

Star Trek and the Federation talk of unity, peace, and goodwill, but like today’s Earth the ideas are good but tough to implement. Tough to comprehend when your ship is being attacked and all the warp speeds and shields don’t seem to matter.  Crashing and trying to save his captured crew, Kirk joins forces with a woman who seems darn resourceful. She’s managed to resurrect an old ship – the USS Franklin, and she has many reasons to seek revenge against Krall.  So, as the Star Trek cast slowly work their magic – communicate, reinvent, and reinforce friendships, we’re along for the ride.

Strap in and turn on your phasers for a fun journey. Star Trek Beyond is a solid summer movie adventure into space – the final frontier.  Live long and prosper


  1. I saw this film this week, and had a great time. I loved the use of music during the climax, and Krall scared me! Great fun :-)

  2. Glad it is fun, will sure see it when it gets a netflix or dvd run

  3. We saw it yesterday, was pleasantly surprised how good it was.


  4. ....amd the British actor Simon Pegg (Scotty) also co-wrote the script!
    CLICK HERE for Bazza’s fabulous Blog ‘To Discover Ice’

  5. We just saw this in the last week too. We both enjoyed it.

  6. I recall Star Trek from the TV....used to watch it with my late husband, but never saw the films.
    Great post to read.

    1. they've done a great job with the movies - not as cheesy as the tv show and of course the special effects are great these days