Friday, January 20, 2017

Movie Review Madness - Passengers

Futuristic film Passengers – over 5000 souls are on board the Avalon as it heads on a 120 year journey to Homestead 2 a new planet for colonization. As they sleep in hibernation chambers, the ship hurtles deeper into space. At the thirty year mark, there is a collision with large debris. Warning. Warning. As the ship recovers and continue on its trajectory, one chamber opens. Jim (Chris Pratt) is greeted by a programmed cruise director. He’s given his bracelet key, sent to his room, and has time to get acquainted with his new neighbors. Alas, there is no one else awake. One android bartender (Michael Sheen) provides whiskey and some chat.

As a mechanic, Jim explores the ship and tries everything to figure out what when wrong. After a year, he’s lonely, bored, and contemplating suicide…unless….. (spoiler alert that you can figure out pretty quickly )  …what if…he wakes up someone else….and that someone is, of course, the lovely smart Aurora (Jennifer Lawrence)?  Ahh, now we have a story – two pretty people in space. The perfect couple. And it goes so good until it can go bad. So much for secrets.

Passengers is entertaining and has some new twists to a familiar plot until the last thirty minutes. Then it’s a bit hurried and clichéd. Chris and Jennifer have good chemistry. The ship is very cool. It’s a pleasant film and you’ll enjoy it when you stream it at home. No need to rush to the theater. 


  1. That's why I didn't rush out to see it in the theater. I heard it had some issues.

  2. One I'll stream at home indeed, figures the ending was cliche and rushed

  3. I don't think O'd be in a hurry to see that Joanne.
    You wrote a very good review.

  4. Thanks for the review and the opportunity to save a few bucks not seeing it in the theater!


  5. I saw the trailer for this and it didn't look like one I'd rush to the theater for. Glad to hear my assumption was correct. Thanks for the review. :)

    1. it had moved down my list until I finally thought what the was fine. I wasn't bored

  6. Thank you, ma'am. We'll just fold our money in half and put it back into our pocket. Might as well wait to watch it at home.

    Have a super weekend! (GOOOOOO, Falcons!!!)

  7. I hadn't actually heard of this movie but I think I'll skip it. SciFi isn't my forte'. I do like Chris Pratt though...he and Anna Faris are a great couple. He was on her show 'Mom' the other night and I couldn't stop laughing.