Monday, June 19, 2017

Monday Moment - Clarity

This interview caught my eye in the June 12th issue of Time Magazine. Q&A with Sir Harold Evans, a longtime editor and author.  Sir Harold on writing evils:

Writing that is deliberately designed to deceive - insurance  policies, political statements. Business verbosity wastes money, confuses millions. I find myself getting much more angry about the moral question of obligation of fairness than I do about a misplaced semicolon. 

other good quotes:
The language police are a bloody nuisance, some linguists in particular

on Twitter
Twitter's wonderful for assertion. It's absolutely useless for argument.

All food for thought.  Let's have a decent week, everyone.


  1. Most interesting quotes Joanne.
    Enjoy this new week.


  2. The language police sure can be a nuisance. And yeah, those stupid ones out to scam you are worse than any misplaced semicolon.

  3. That first quote is so accurate. I worked as a paralegal for years so I've done my fair share of contracts and it's unbelievable how confusing they can be. So imagine elderly people or ones with limited do they understand contracts and policies? Who even wants to read 25 pages of microscopic print full of legalese????

    1. Exactly. And I think the quote was pointedly aimed at current gov.crap here and in the UK. Big sigh all around.

  4. In wholehearted agreement with the first quote! So, so true!

  5. I figured it would strike a nerve with folks.

  6. Another good reason for not being a Tweeter or Twit!

  7. Great quotes. I like the one about Twitter the best.