Friday, November 17, 2017

Book Review - Autumn by Karl Ove Knausgaard

Karl Ove Knausgaard, Norwegian author of Autumn, writes to his unborn daughter and adds an essay a day on random subjects. This is a very unique personal meditation with acute observations. I enjoyed reading this work, and I would stop and look around my little world and contemplate descriptions of the mundane. Some of his musings cover – apples, wasps, teeth, twilight, chewing gum, and silence. This is the first of four volumes – Autumn, with future Winter, Spring, and Summer. I look forward to the rest of the seasons and his marvelous writing.

Cover blurb and opening:
I want to show you our world as it is now: the door, the floor, the water tap and the sink, the garden chair close to the wall beneath the kitchen window, the sun, the water, the trees. You will come to see it in your own way, you will experience things for yourself and live a life of your own, so of course it is primarily for my own sake that I am doing this; showing you the world, little one, makes my life worth living.


  1. Making so you stop and look is a win indeed

  2. This sounds very interesting and a bit sentimental. Thought-provoking, too. (Just like US, right?) :)

    Have a super weekend.

  3. This was a wonderful review Joanne on what I'm sure is a good book.


  4. Clearly, given your review and the opening blurb, this book is a treasure. Thank you, Joanne.
    Be well and enjoy the upcoming week.

    1. thanks. It was different in a good way. Worth checking out

  5. That book sounds right up my reading alley. Thank you so much.