Friday, November 3, 2017

Movie Review - Battle of the Sexes

Battle of the Sexes is entertaining and brings back a slice of history. Emma Stone transforms into Billie Jean King, age 29 – the number one female tennis player in 1973. She’s fiercely competitive, conflicted in her life, and takes on the tennis establishment by breaking off into a splinter group.  Her Virginia Slims sponsored tour seeks better pay for women athletes. Billie Jean forged a path for women’s rights and is still respected today.  In the film, she faces Jack Kramer, the smug director of the USTA, and says, “It’s when we want a little bit of what you’ve got. That’s what you can’t stand.”

Steve Carell plays the bumbling Bobby Riggs, age 55, who’s a gambler, a hustler, and is still trying to live off the glory of his past tennis career. He’s got a wealthy wife, but is bored. He issues a challenge that a woman can’t beat a man at tennis. What starts as a joke turns into a full court battle/show. He mugs for the camera, poses with scantily clad women, and is confident he can win. Billie Jean trains and ultimately takes this very seriously. It’s a bold statement for her to win this tennis match.

The movie packs a lot into its two hours. You get background, you get sport, you get the bombast, and the buildup. In 1973 it was a major television event. Spoiler alert – Billie Jean won in three sets. She truly was a trailblazer for women. Emma Stone glows with the energy and vibrant spirit of Billie Jean. She’s not just a girl, she’s a woman taking on a man, tennis, and a bit of the world.  Battle of the Sexes is an energetic entertaining film. Game.. Set.. Match


  1. Sure proved he shouldn't have shot his mouth off.

  2. A good review Joanne, sounds like a good film.


    1. thanks. A brave woman - and still a role model

  3. Hi Joanne ... probably a film I should see - and expect I will sometime ... just glad Billy Jean won!!

    Cheers Hilary

  4. A great review, sounds like the film's captured what happened rather accurately. Riggs was over confident and got just what he deserved!