Friday, March 8, 2019

Friday First

Clockwatcher Moments

chestnut haired woman arrived early, but not first
first was Armani power suit dark haired woman
vice president wanna be lived for meetings and donuts.

Always first
always chocolate iced, always chair left of the speaker
silver haired man noted room reserved for two hours

one hundred twenty minutes
seven thousand two hundred seconds
sonorous lecture, pie charts and power point

managers mingled, muted chatter, hushed laughter
surreptitious text, each moment ticked on armitron to rolex wristwear
legs crossed, uncrossed, crossed again

chair swivel, stifled sneeze, hand raised
asked and answered, frowns, grins, pens scratched notes
pertinent or not, doodles and grocery lists

blank stares while reliving a morning argument, choosing dinner menu,
dreaming of vacation, or composing a love letter
spirited debate, deflated ego

meeting adjourned

chestnut haired woman confers with silver haired man
strolled out door immersed in conversation
Armani power suit dark haired woman turned off lights

always last

by Joanne Faries

Not me - I'm first out the door in my sneakers.   Happy Friday everyone. 
Happy International Women's Day

Enjoy your weekend


  1. Sounds like a typical meeting! I'm always early but like you, first out the door.

    1. I've never been one to climb to the top. I like my free time too much and do not want to be "on call".

  2. Great post Joanne loved the read very much.


  3. I'm sure outta there as soon as it is done

    1. and if I can find a way to wiggle out sooner, I will.

  4. Sounds like many meetings I've attended. They were never my favorite activity. You captured them and the people in them perfectly.