Friday, December 20, 2019

What's in Your Queue? Dec 2019

What’s in Your Queue?  
I watch way too much Netflix and Amazon streaming. At this point, I can’t fathom adding even more streaming services. (I do admit Disney lurks…that darn Mouse, and Marvel, and Disney Wish Upon a Star magic – we shall see if I succumb. However, I still need to read, write, and go outside for some fresh air, for goodness sake.

But here’s a very brief listing with some comments on various shows.

The Irishman – Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, Joe Pesci,  and every actor who’s ever appeared in mob movies, star in a Martin Scorsese saga. This movie is way, way, way too long – 3-1/2 hours. C’mon, Marty, use the edit button. I watched it over several nights – almost like a mini-series. For a person who is not keen on guns, I confess to liking mob movies. I like the language, I like the different ways of “offing” people,  and I like the scenes around the dinner tables. These guys eat well. If you liked The Godfather series, Goodfellas,  etc, then you’ll appreciate The Irishman.  This does not cover new territory and it moves a bit slow,  but I liked the acting. De Niro gives great shrugs – he says a lot with them. Al Pacino, as Jimmy Hoffa, gives good looks and can bark a great line. The special de-aging effects are amazing and Marty does know how to film a scene.

Marriage Story – Scarlett Johansson, Adam Driver, Alan Alda, Laura Dern. Directed by Noah Baumbach who can tear out your heart with one scene. This is Kramer vs. Kramer as we watch the destruction of a marriage.  Charlie (Driver) is a rather self-involved director. Nicole is an actress settling in L.A. for a mediocre show. The two are seeing a therapist, but drifting apart. They do have a son and we see the effects of their disintegration through his actions. This movie is heart wrenching, well-acted, well done, and quite the character study. Not just a light flick for a Friday night. You have to be ready for a soul search.

Comedies – any Jim Gaffigan special, any Ilisa Schlesinger, any Sebastion Manecuso.   You will laugh.

Classic series – Friends.  I am up to season 6 and must plow through before it’s yanked from Netflix at end of year. I am reliving the hilarity. This series stands the test of time and is awesome.

Jack Ryan Season 2  - arrgghhh.  We were psyched for this after season one.  What happened? This is a mess with Venezuela. Jack and crew are slashing through the jungle. The evil German villain dude is annoying. The overall plot has holes.  And Jack keeps going off the reservation. We found this all rather predictable – no good surprises.  Disappointing.

Marvelous Mrs. Maisel – season 3.  Snappy patter, spiffy clothes, fast and frenetic in a good way. Great acting and just funny. This show is different in a good way and you can’t be slouching in your chair half asleep while watching it. Lots of wordplay, and it moves quickly. Comedy isn’t for sissies and Midge Maisel is staying on her toes…in heels. Good stuff.

That’s if for now. That should fill up your time if you are bored. Or turn off the TV and read a good book…..I’m on the Magpie Murders right now and it’s quite intriguing.  Cheers!


  1. Hi Joanne - no queue ... if I can't get that channel, or can't get to see it ... tough and I hope my brain will remember what I've missed and catch it later in life.

    I did appreciate Marriage Story - but thought if I mentioned it to anyone ... I was sending any married couples off to the divorce courts!

    I did see McQueen at the art house cinema here last night and enjoyed it - so informative ... and then on the tv (when I got home) they had a Freddy Mercury Christmas Story - told by his friends and family ... how similar McQueen and Freddy were: driven, passionate and very caring about others ... both films we could learn from ...

    Cheers and you have a happy time with Ray, friends and family - Hilary

    1. all the best to you. My queue is just what's lined up in Netflix or Amazon, etc. That's all I have. No Disney, Hulu, HBO, etc.

  2. I don't even own a TV now. Can't say I miss it. Doesn't sound like there's much good on.

    Have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

    1. Oh, I need some TV. This is Us is golden.
      More power to you girl!

  3. That's why I haven't watched the Irishman yet. Just so freaking long. Heard Jack Ryan season 2 went to crap, sucks indeed.

    1. Hey, I saved you plenty of time. Move on,sir....move on!