Friday, November 13, 2020

Finally Friday - Joy

Unabashed joy. Isn't this a fabulous pic and don't we all wish we had this moment, right now, in our lives? Thanks to a Facebook Friend -I met her at a writer conference and we've stayed in touch. She's funny as hell, is a lawyer, an excellent writer,  and mom to these two lovely kids. She gave permission to use this pic (well, she IS a lawyer after all. I had to ask!)
I enjoyed a virtual author tour moment with Barbara Kingsolver and her new book.  She can write anything - fiction,  nonfiction, and poetry - and does it with grace and ease. Her word choices and flow bring me joy

p. 10 How to Do Absolutely Nothing

final lines -  Don't take a cookbook, or anything to cook.  A fishing pole, ok but not the line, hook, sinker, leave it all.    

find out what's left....


This little superstar student, Makyla, is now a teen and she began a blog. I'm impressed and pleased. She's already posted a book review and more.  Check out

She's always been a reader and now she's a writer and creator too.  Yes,  I'm bragging and proud.  Very cool.  Joyous


And now as we enter a weekend,  a whole week into the netherworld of "say, what?"

let's stick  with our theme of joy:

The root of joy, as of duty, is to put all one's powers toward some great end.  Oliver Wendell Holmes

The highest joy of man should be the growth of personality   Goethe

Winning is important to me, but what brings me real joy is the experience of being fully engaged in whatever I'm doing   Phil Jackson

Stay engaged everyone. Have some joy in your life this weekend. Stay safe my friends. 



  1. Your granddaughter?
    We do need some joy right now.

    1. yes and she loved being read to as a toddler. Never saw her much, but something rubbed off.
      Enjoy the small things this weekend. Take care

  2. Thank you Joanne! I miss seeing y'all! The house has been pretty crazy these past few months, with the babies in school all of the adults except mom going to work. We all go to school except Dakota and mom has to drop us all off a 4 different schools! Eddo almost always sits in the trunk because we have 8 seats and there are 9 of us! I hope to see you guys soon and maybe even before Christmas if you are okay with is, if we have the time, and if I am off school! maybe on the weekend? Dad asked me about my blog this morning and i told him about it and how to get to yours. Did you know that if you search up my first and last name I pop up and then if you click on the picture and then click on it again you pop up here? Tell pops that I said hi!

    1. my guess is you'll have the blog and computer thing figured out much better than I do. It's a wing and a prayer to get a post going sometimes. Anyway - we do want to see you but it's complicated these days and we're trying to be careful. Gotta get these germs conquered soon. I hope school is going well and if your blog is part of it, I'd say you are acing this test. Take care

  3. Joy like that sure is the way to be. Great pic indeed.

  4. thanks. I thought you'd appreciate it, since you get to witness innocent joy with wee ones.

  5. Hi Joanne - I've never read any of Barbara Kingsolver - better remedy that sometime soon. Wonderful to see the little one enjoying her reading ...'superstar student' love it! I'll be over to say hi to her ... creative child too - so good to see - stay safe and enjoy a quiet Thanksgiving - Hilary