Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Whatever Wednesday - Veteran's Day Version

Hoorah America.  Navy Blue Angels in flight a year or so ago. I like fighter jets zooming about in non-combat shows. Salute our veterans and all who serve. 
America unbound, unfettered.  Celebrate democracy and the process. It's going to work. It has to work. 

Meanwhile, I go to work. 

Yes we can. As Covid cases rise along with hospitalizations, let science make sense. Wear a mask and use some sense. How can it be so hard?

Quick review of something completely different. The Splendid and the Vile by Erik Larson is a nonfiction take on Winston Churchill's first year as Prime Minister of England. WWII has kicked off in full swing, air raids are nightly, bombings, speeches,  Dunkirk, and hope for the USA to enter the war - this book covers a lot in very readable fashion.  Larson did his research and kept it to one year of detail - following Sir Winston, Clementine,  and the family as they navigate the war. Oh the speeches, the leadership! This is an excellent read, and a good recommendation for their Remembrance Day,  our Veteran's Day.  Strong leadership and heartfelt caring about country and people. 

Here's a vet. My dad is 89 and served in the US Navy, just after the Korean War. Yes,  he's always cold now. This picture was taken at my brother's place this past weekend - they treated dad to good meals, a nice push around the block, fresh air on the patio,  and yes, he snoozed (a lot) under the blankets. Thanks dad. 

Ray's dad served in the Navy,  and Ray created two Marines. Thank you Chris and Kevin for your service, honorable and stalwart.  



  1. Hi Joanne - wonderful to see your father, and to read about Ray and his sons ... but thank you to all who are helping us now - we all need to care for each other.

    Thank you for the heads up for the Erik Larson book ... sounds interesting - take care and stay safe through this time. Hilary

    1. thank you. I have no doubt you'll like the Erik L. book - he writes with a fiction style, but you can tell it's researched.

  2. Hey Joanne I just created a blog and I would like for you to check it out please! The only person that has seen it is my friend Annika. The site is

    1. I checked it out and I'm very proud. Keep up the creative work - very cool!

    2. thank you, i admire your blog and wish mine to be just as nice!

  3. Respect and gratitude to your sweet Dad.
    Thank you for the honorable tribute to our beloved veterans, Joanne.

  4. Great to see you and Ray, yws Joanne our fathers did much to ensure our safety in the world. We also had our "Remberance Day despite the lockdown.

    Keep well and safe.
    I'm taking a break for a week.