Friday, April 16, 2021

Friday Fright

 If you were a duck flying in to land, wouldn't you pause and register the threatening gator head?

Well, let me report that  - no - this does not appear to be scary.  The ducks are winning so far.

They land, they paddle, they poop, they quack, and they turn their heads and look at us like we are crazy. Ray and I clap, shout shoo, and they half-heartedly take wing - only to circle back in a bit and land again. 

One big mallard appears to really like our pool. He's returned steadily for a month now. Early morning float. Sunset cruise. You name the time - he's there. Once in a while he brings in a female.  The other day, Ray reported  a buddy came to hang out too.

We  googled and found out about the alligator head solution.  Did not spend a fortune and it amuses me to see it floating around. However, now we are a joke in duck world.  

Quack quack. What's up croc?   Enjoy your weekend.   


  1. Loved the read Joanne, very interesting. Have a good weekend.


  2. Ho Funny - those birds be much more intelligent than you and Ray!! Love the alligator head though ... and yes now you are laughing ducks in the blogging world!! Enjoy Sunday - Hilary

    1. Glad you read this and had a laugh. Believe me, we are laughing at ourselves. The ducks are winning!

  3. So funny!

    For a minute I thought he was real before I saw he had no body - maybe that's why the ducks are not scared off?

    Thanks for the chuckles. Hope your Sunday is going well.

    1. yep - I think they figured it out quickly. Quack!