Monday, April 19, 2021

Monday Moments - Virtual Author Talk - Texas Bound

 Friday night I enjoyed a virtual author talk sponsored by the Dallas Museum of Art.  It was Texas Bound - stories by Texas authors and read by Texans.  I enjoyed the 1-1/2 hours but, I have to say, the live version was always more fun.  Virtual is handy. But live - you get the reactions of the audience - the chuckles, the inhale of breath, etc. You don't realize how much you might miss in a story without a crowd. 

I shall be ready for live shows when they do happen again. Meanwhile, this was an excellent program. 

Hosted by Tina Parker - Kitchen Dog Theater.  She was really good and you'd recognize her from various TV shows including Better Call Saul.  Fun and effervescent. 

"Separation Notice" by Jenny Bhatt   Performed by  Maryam Obaidullah Baig

"Window Seat" by LaToya Watkins   Performed by Kenya Flippin   (really good)

"Uncle Rock" by Dagoberto Gilb   Performed by Chris Ramirez  ( a bit long)

"Women and Horses" by Elizabeth Wetmore  Performed by Marcia Gay Harden (dang....she's so good)

"Excerpt from Greenlights" by Matthew McConaughey  Performed by the man himself...he's awesome. I reviewed this book awhile ago - quite an excellent memoir. 

So - enjoy arts from your local museums, etc.  Seek out what's offered and with virtual you can watch when you want, with your own snacks. and adult beverage. 

Culture for the mind!


  1. Wow, Matthew McConaughey himself! I know Tina Parker well. Better Call Saul was a twisted good show.
    Yes, so much is missing without the audience. At least if you laugh in the wrong place, no one knows.

    1. I've tried to keep my toe in some art and culture, but it's just lacking that personable touch.

  2. Pleased you enjoyed the show albeit virtual. Looked very interesting Joanne.


    1. indeed - you would have enjoyed it too. Nice to be read to by folks who can bring the story alive.

  3. Wow. Who knew Matthew McConnaughey was multi-talented (plus hot)? Not I.
    You've more patience than I to enjoy a virtual talk.

    Have a pleasurable week, my friend.

    1. oh, I took breaks between readings. The nice thing with virtual is you have two weeks to access the show. We have a cold week ahead - been a weird weather spring so far. Take care

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