Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Wednesday Whatever - The Bookshop of the Broken Hearted by Robert Hillman

 Can one unlikely bookshop heal two broken souls?   (back blurb)

I love stories that take place with a book backdrop. Throw in Australia as a setting. I am hooked. 

The Bookshop of the Broken Hearted by Robert Hillman is a gorgeously written, gentle spirited, and wise novel that reminds each of us that love, literature, and forgiveness have the power to transform our lives, and - if we dare allow them - to mend our broken hearts.  (back blurb)

1968, rural Australia. Tom Hope was dumped and divorced by what he thought was a true love. Forlorn, he meets Hannah Babel, a Hungarian immigrant who's determined to open a bookshop and get folks to read. Tom builds shelves for her but is wary of her intellect and energy. She's a force of nature with some dark secrets and a past that had her in Auschwitz. Love finds a way with these two opposites. 

You will love how this book unfolds. You'll bask in the glow of happy times. You'll root for these two during dark times. I highly recommend The Bookshop of the Broken Hearted. 


  1. Thanks Joanne - these stories of hope with romance blossoming under a story of interest are always fun to read - and as you mention do teach us things ... cheers Hilary

    1. Yep. I'm lucky to have a friend who buys used books at a good price. She has a great nose for a wonderful story. We trade around and her pile is the best. Hence all these reviews.

  2. Hi it's me. loved the post hope you are well.