Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Wednesday Whatever - Our Voice

Enjoyed a Saturday morning at the Irving Arts Center for a special exhibit:

Our Voice: Celebrating the Coretta Scott King Illustrator Awards

Stunning books with glorious illustrations.  101 award/honor winning titles. The Coretta Scott King Awards celebrate fifty years as a champion of books about the African American Experience.
A lovely illustration of Martin Luther King Jr.   This one struck Ray's eyes.
I too, Am America by Bryan Collier (2012) caught my eye. 

The galleries were filled with watercolors, prints, oils, and photography. So many talented people. I appreciated this touring exhibition. I may have to go to my library to actually take the time to read and peruse these children's books. 

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  1. Hi Joanne - I think I maybe being a little stooopid?! but where's the reference to children's books? I see at the end - you're thinking about getting to the library - to look at them ... which I know you'll be able to do next year after retiring.

    The exhibition looks amazing ... thanks for writing this up - cheers Hilary