Friday, January 20, 2023

Movie Review - The Fabelmans

 Dear Steven Spielberg

        I love your movies sir and your reputation as a filmmaker is impeccable. The Fabelmans is your semi-autobiographical salute to your family, your youth, and to the love of film. We watch Sammy Fabelman (you) grow from  odd kid to odd youth, to an odd, enthusiastic creative young man. Your young man self  well played by Gabriel LaBelle realizes he has the touch, the eye, the magic to make films. With your eye behind the lens and the film churning, you can watch via your home films, the dissolution of your parents marriage. Your beloved father Burt (a superb Paul Dano) has worked hard. He loves you and the family and his quiet genius has perhaps missed some clues in regards to his wife. 

The creative bubbly mother, Mitzi (a glowing wistful Michelle Williams) is your muse. She can clown and she can collapse. And there's just a little  something  about "Uncle Bennie" (Seth Rogen) that doesn't seem quite right. 

I liked The Fabelmans. The acting was great, the filmmaking  solid (duh, you are  Steven Spielberg after all), and it was a good ode to the magic of cinema. 

However, one complaint.  Edit.  Edit. Edit.   This movie was  too long. We did not need 2-1/2 hours. Tighten things up sir. 

Your  fan



  1. Thanks for this Joanne - one I can miss ... cheers Hilary

    1. Decent film. Just too long. If streaming, split between a few nights
      Have a good weekend