Friday, April 28, 2023

Finally Friday - A Rant (plus pretty flower pics) About Parking Fees

Yep - I did not sit on any bluebonnets for this picture.  It's a sacred thing in  Texas.  Nothing  was harmed!

 And a wow shot of a field of Indian paintbrush. 

So -the rant.  You do not see me or Ray at the Sugar Ridge Winery and that's a shame. I was ready to sample and  buy some wine,  plus perhaps eat an  overpriced lunch in a pretty setting. BUT - as  we pulled in  it was Valet Parking only for $10.  

NO - that broke my spirit.  They were  taking full advantage of  the Bluebonnet Festival  audience. So they lost a bunch more business. 

It flat out pissed me off.

Parking has become a ridiculous price point in the DFW  area.   I'm curious what you are seeing in your area?

Opening Day baseball  parking  $50.  Regular day of no  consequence - $15.  Weekends  $20

Are you going  to wash our car?  Give us something.........

We are still mad  at Abby's high school graduation at Dickie's Arena in Fort Worth - we were charged money for a freakin' high school graduation............

Enough said. 

That's my rant.   I hope you enjoyed some more pretty flower pics - I'm the thorn in the middle - annoyed at the world! 

Cheers  and have  a super good weekend.   Watch  where  you park.


  1. Oh yes ... people/organisations taking advantage to raise prices. Love the flowers - must be gorgeous to see - happy rest of the weekend - cheers Hilary

    1. Thanks for reading my silly rant. Oh what the market shall bear.