Friday, May 26, 2023

Finally Friday - Memorial Weekend

This is a filler post.

 Ray and I should be back from our trip - tired, laundry awaits, chores abound, and the yard probably needs a thresher.  

But Happy Friday for you working folks eager for a long weekend. This is an oldie picture - stuff I was reading many years ago, plus a nod to the Indy 500. Fast cars go round and round and the winner gets to drink milk. 

Summer heat will be kicking in. Time for that pool plunge
Remember our fallen soldiers and salute our servicemen and ladies near and far. 

And we'll see if the crape myrtle decides to bloom this year. After freezes last December and in Feb, our yards and plants really suffered.  I hope she returns to glory - this pic is from an excellent year. 

Have a safe and happy Memorial Weekend. Hope you enjoy some peace, family, grilling, and a pool plunge. 

Cheers and Solemn thoughts my friends. 

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