Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Wednesday Whatever

So, newly back from a two  week trek in America, I am being lazy and using memes that strike me.  I have to say if you really read the news today, you would just go back to bed. It is soul  crushing. 

RIP Tina Turner.  Omg.  She passed a day after I was at the Rock Hall of Fame.  Holy Cow!
She was a force.  My parents took me to see her in Philly at the Dell - she was with the Ike and Tina Turner Revue - opening, I think, for the 5th Dimension.  Who was this whirling dervish of a woman?  She was in that shimmy skirt and moving, singing, sweating, and giving it her all.  Proud Mary!?? 
Proud Tina?!!!!   She escaped Ike and became her own self.  Wow!  That's all I can say.  What a woman. What a life. What a voice.  

Books, Mickey Mouse, women's bodies, guns, shootings, the list goes on  and on... ex Prez ye who shall not be named  but is bonkers

But - so much is good.  The general spirit of folks face to face is positive.  My time at  our local YMCA is glorious - water aerobics and  the ladies there - OMG - so fun, so  good, just  nice folks and  we are in bathing suits and no one looks great and no one cares.  That's senior life at 9:30  am  M-W-F

 and reading........books are truly a salvation.   Congrats  again to  Barbara Kingsolver for  Demon Copperhead. I reviewed it  and gushed. It is an  amazing book for the ages and so worthy of the Pulitzer Prize for literature.  It is a WOW read. 

Let me paraphrase Wanda Sykes from her latest Netflix special -  We can worry when drag queens kill children  with a copy of To Kill a Mockingbird.....  Amen, sister, Amen

Cheers to a Wednesday.  Hope the week is going  well and we look forward to the weekend. And  I promise some travel tales...aren't you excited?  I am. 

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