Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter break (corrected 4/8 version)

Easter break -rejuvenation. I grew up in a Catholic neighborhood and Easter Weekend seeped into my soul. Oh, I loved the Easter bunny, Easter egg hunts, and the whole commercial aspect of the "holiday". But I understood the underlying spirit and while I don't formally attend church - the religious Easter registers an amen.
I am not an animal person but bunnies love to live under our shed. If they venture too far, the hawks in the field nab them. Ray tried to plant strawberries one year...that didn't work. The bunnies beat him to the berries.
Here's the Easter spirit. Eight month old Makyla with father Kevin seeks chocolate. The heck with toys. Her bow is bigger than she is - now that's Easter fashion. I remember wearing the Mary Janes, the white gloves, the hat, a pretty dress - and then having to slap the hideous winter coat over the whole outfit. Yikes! Oops - Easter haiku is breaking out (after all this is a writing blog)

snow covered Easter eggs
encrusted they shine
dyed colored surprise
When in doubt, just start chewing. The big egg contains M&Ms for Kevin and Maria. Makyla was happy to stuff the whole thing in her mouth. What the heck! I hope she gets to nibble the ears of the chocolate bunny in her basket. Happy Easter to all. I'm headed to Philly to be with family. (Yo - Pudge's cheesesteak and I learn to talk again).


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