Friday, April 3, 2009

Tempted to Write to the Audience

It's NASCAR weekend at Texas Motor Speedway. Actually I'm working at home today because the traffic is way too crazy and my current job is not far from the center of attention. Back in 2005, I was employed for a company, TDE, located at the Speedway. Thanks to that, Ray and I participated in the morning parade - a pretty darn cool experience.
It's hard to tell from these pictures, but ultimately 250,000 fans crammed into the speedway to see cars zooming very fast, around and around a huge banked oval.

Campers and RVs arrived a week before to park at the perfect slot. As I drove to work yesterday, I pondered what these folks were reading (perhaps I should pose the question - are they reading anything?) as they camped for a week in Justin, Texas, a good twenty minute drive to any other worthwhile entertainment (i.e. movies, shopping) venue. I wanted to walk around and take a poll. Surely, one couldn't drink beer non-stop for a week and watch the wind whip Dale Earnhardt, Jr. flags.

I'm aware that one should write for oneself. They say to write what you know. I know nothing about NASCAR. I don't care for the noise and the crowds. But, 250,000 people (less this year due to economic conditions). That's a lot of darn potential readers - even 10% is 25,000. Surely a booth, a booksigning on site would generate something. It's tempting - NASCAR romance, thriller, or mystery.
I know - NASCAR vampires!


  1. There ya go -- creative marketing at its finest. Had to laff at the NASCAR Vampires. I do believe YOU could pull that off. LOL!!!

  2. How about an Irwin Allen Disaster. . . close encounter. . . X-Files. . . UFO Experience. . . Mass Abduction at the track, NASCAR Thriller????

    Maybe not???