Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Spell check at the Auto Lube

Nestled amidst a row of green shrubs, this little azalea surprises us each spring with a burst of color. Often in literature, we read and are delighted by a treat - a turn of phrase, a clear image, or even something that makes us laugh out loud. On other occasions, we are stopped in our tracks by bad grammar, horrible phrasing, or the need for spell check.

I stood in the office of the local auto lube while my Pontiac received its oil change. The guys do a great job and are very helpful and knowledgeable. However, they had a sign up - No customers allowed on shop floor when inspection is preformed. Oops, I couldn't keep my mouth shut. Please print a new sign with perform.

While in PA over Easter, I perused the local paper The Reporter, notorious for gaffes and mis-spellings. Sure enough. I opened the paper, admired a lovely flower/park picture and shook my head at the headline "Sping Arrives". Arrrgghhh. This was in bold print on the second page.

We word nerds must remain vigilant and ask that the world demand correct spelling. And we can have fun with it too. I put a note in my husband's lunchbag last week - Please bing home sping flowers.


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  1. Joanne, I can always count on you to make me smile and more often than not, laugh out loud. Thank you dear friend for bringing a little sunshine whether it be summer or sping.