Friday, April 24, 2009

Frenetic Friday

These rose pictures are courtesy of my neighbors across the street. Pat and Barbara do all the hard gardening work and I get to enjoy the lovely colors from afar. I savor the view as I leave for work - a moment of calm.
Today was a frenetic Friday. People drove manaically, weaving in and out, disrupting the normal ebb and flow pattern. The roiling clouds in the sky spit a few half-hearted raindrops. Not worthy of wipers, but annoying. Humidity smothered us all and the wind exceeded blustery.
A frazzled forty-five minutes later, I pulled into work. We are not usually crazy with phone calls, but today every customer decided to check on their samples, or call repeatedly with questions, or frankly be rather disorganized and annoying in their requests. I had the feeling that the whole United States awoke to a frantic Friday, and frustration built throughout the day. The drive home took an hour. Enough said.
This was not a day for haiku. I was unable to achieve serenity. No, this was a day to come home and veg out with a trashy magazine. Some days are not writing days.
Best to stop and smell the roses and perhaps just think.

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