Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Here's a stump in my father's backyard in PA. It was a huge tree that loomed over us as we played basketball as kids, or provided a hiding place if you hunkered behind it. Once it was chopped down, I wonder how many books were printed from it?
As a writer, you dream of seeing your name in print on the cover of a book. Even better, your book is featured in the window of the local bookstore. Kudo reviews are written. Fans flock to your book signings. Dreams.
To make a dream a reality is hard work. First you actually have to write the book. Then you have to re-write your original drivel. Then you edit, edit, receive critiques, and re-write some more. Then perhaps you peek out from behind a tree and query agents on your book. Basically, you write a letter (the query) that projects a hint of your genius and hope that a professional chooses to then read a page or two of your book...and then ask to read more.
Another outlet is to pitch an agent at a writing conference. I shall be attending the DFW Writer's Conference this coming weekend in Grapevine, TX. I have ten minutes to tap dance, toss flaming batons, and condense my memoir into coherent sentences that project a winning publication. Nope, no vampires, no zombies, no drug abuse, no economic downfall (yet - yikes!), no medical emergencies (thank goodness), and no political rants.
Humor, animals, and me. Is that a winning combination? I hope when she asks, "And what do you write?" that I'm not stumped.
Wish me luck


  1. Absolutely the BEST of luck to you!!!

    It always makes me a little sad when a tree has to come down, especially one that is connected to childhood.

    I seriously doubt you'll be stumped this weekend. I've never seen you speechless.

    And, your book is a good one. I still crack up when I think of that last chapter in the nursing home. LOL

  2. Word verification for my post was "expec" -- thought it appropriate -- go to that conference "expec"ting good things.