Tuesday, June 9, 2009

curled pages

Summertime reading tips. Don't leave your book open under the crape myrtle tree - tons of little pink flowers will line the crease.

Wear sunscreen while reading and do move about or else you'll have odd tan lines.

Don't read anything too serious - like economics, politics, or religion - it's steamy enough outside. You don't want to get hot under the collar.

Laying your magazine or paperback on your lap after just getting out of the pool results in curled pages.

Be mindful of chair placement and sprinkler timing.

Watch for any kids or husbands who thinks it's hysterical to tip your raft. Save the book - practice reaching high over your head. Stretch those arms. That pilates and yoga this winter did help.

Try to NOT spill your margarita or drip mustard from that hotdog you grilled and are now consuming. Wipe those cheetos fingers.

Have fun, but follow safe reading practices.



  1. LOL! Fun thoughts!

    I love reading outside. On the shady porch swing or in the sun after some pool time.

    Nothing better than a book and some summertime.

  2. This is a great list. I love to read myself to sleep outside in the hammock.

    See ya tonight.

  3. If buzzards start circling above it means you've been still too long!!!! Summer reading by the pool is fun. The best books are the ones with water spots.