Saturday, June 6, 2009

random thanks

It's a very random Saturday and I decided to choose a picture that exemplifies the concept. Summer 2006 we had a western road trip and stopped at the Devil's Tower monument. This monolith rises out of nowhere and gives a very "what the...?" moment. Now I realize there's geological, blah, blah reasons, but I kinda like the idea of a higher being saying "Hmm, I've got this thing and I'm not sure where to put it." Closed eyes, finger points to a map - yeah, in the middle of Wyoming. That's cool.
More random thoughts - I've got errands to run today that are annoyingly unorganized and rather than a clean circular route, I'll be crisscrossing Bedford and sitting at the stupid light at Harwood and Brown Trail multiple times.
But, I can sit at the traffic light and contemplate D-Day - 65th Anniversary. I've never been to Normandy Beach, France but it is on my list of places to see one day. I salute all soldiers and give a special shout out to my Uncle Bill (now age 90) who fought in WWII.
I can't begin to write of my gratitude for freedoms. What can I say? I can just fart around today, jot a poem, think up a haiku, read, and relax...... and yeah, be totally random. I'll just say
Thank you


  1. Better the light at Harwood and Brown Trail than the intersection of Harwood and Precinct Line -- I will drive miles out of my way to avoid that intersection -- Devils Insection??? And this is a mess of our own making, no higher power involved. In fact, before people started messing around with it, it wasn't so bad.

    I agree and chime in with your thanks to those who fought for and protected our freedom.

    Have a good one, my friend.

    Oh, and I too enjoyed our breakfast together Tuesday. Good times.

  2. I'm fortunate enough to have been to Normandy Beach. It is impressive when you stand on the cliffs above the beach and see how exposed that sand was. On some of the beaches of Normandy, there are still concrete bunkers with gun slits. The cemetary is sobering, awe inspiring, and heart-breakingly beautiful.

    D-Day was an amazing operation. I hardly ever studied about it as a school girl. I'm so very grateful for homeschooling so I could learn the history I'd never been exposed to. That and the chance to actually walk on the beaches of Normandy.

  3. I love your thoughts on the placement of the monolith. Yes, we have a lot to be thankful for. I watched an interesting movie this week-end which I believe was called "Into the Storm" about Winston Churchill. It followed Winston Churchill through the war and covered Normandy and Dunkirk. It's amazing just how many troups were involved.