Saturday, June 27, 2009

Get a Bigger Gun

Makyla, age 7 months, is ready for the 4th of July. Here she's hanging out on Father's Day weekend. Doesn't care about cellulite. She's in charge of her float. Life is beautiful in 2009.
Whew! Over 100 degrees today - one week before July 4th weekend. Getting psyched for a 3 day weekend - some burgers, hot dogs. Gotta think about those old dudes in their stuffy clothes and powdered wigs - stuck at Independence Hall in Philly - a sweltering July (believe me, it can be humid and stuffy) - contemplating our freedom. Creating magnificent, eloquent words that will enthrall us forever. Read the Declaration of Independence..........
Summer in Texas means crape myrtles in full bloom. Gorgeous until they blow off the tree and into the pool. Then Ray curses nature because it kinda upsets his chemical balance. However, it does offer an Esther Williams moment - swimming up through a garden of blooms. Aaahhh - summertime.

Stars and stripes. Couldn't resist this little dish towel from Crate 'N Barrel. Yep, helped the economy today - movie, lunch, shopping. Vibrant colors. Bold design. Hooray for America - red, white, and blue.

Oh yeah..........definitely ready for the 4th of July. No little water pistol will do. This calls for the big gun. The monster water gun. This baby is dedicated to Ray's grandparents - they are gone but not forgotten. Here's to a memorable 4th. More to come! (Joanne goes crazy at the fireworks stand in Justin. Sparklers, gotta love the sparklers).

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