Wednesday, July 1, 2009

july fireworks preparation

Pristine pool. Glorious red, white, and blue. God Bless America.

Our trumpet vine has finally decided to blare - blast it's orange color. We keep it very contained on one fence. It is pernicious and tries to take hold everywhere. Tough, hardy, rather like Texans in July - refusing to fade in 100 degree heat. Wait, we've had a cold spell - only 90 yesterday. Guess it's been a tad steamy overseas at Wimbledon. I love watching grass court tennis. Go Roger Federer, the Swiss steamroller. And as of today, the Williams sisters are on their way to perhaps meeting in the final. Fireworks, indeed!

Yard art - thought this little wire flag was cool and could brighten our back corner.

I'm normally not allowed near a match, but I managed to light my sparklers without setting me or the yard or the house on fire. I wanted to set this up so I could then snap a picture. Had to work quickly, but the shot turned out okay. Sparklers are my favorite and I have a ton of them for this weekend. Also, some killer bees - they sounded cool when I bought them. Ray shall be in charge of that match!
Here's a little thought for the weekend courtesy of the late actress Tallulah Bankhead: Never practice two vices at once.
Happy 4th of July weekend!!!!

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  1. Ah, trumpet vine. My neighbors (at a former house) planted it on the chain link fence. The stuff took over my backyard. It became a personal vendetta between me and that vine. It won. I moved. Hope you have a great 4th!